Programming of control systems

  • HMI/touch operator panels
  • Various types of communications busbars
  • Security equipment

Technical support of projects

  • Do you have a lot of technical projects and do you not manage to deal with a multitude of problems linked to your suppliers or employees? Approach us. We offer you the possibility of external control and ensuring the technical implementation of a project. The team of our specialists are ready to coordinate the implementation of a project, meeting of deadlines, as well as compliance with the planned costs.

We offer externally the production of parts on the WM 3 machine.

  • The Haas VM Series machines are high-performance VMCs that provide the accuracy, rigidity, and thermal
    stability required for mold making, tool & die work, and other high-precision industries.
    • Inline direct-drive spindle
    • Side-mount tool changer
    • Multi-fixturing table
    • High-speed machining software

Technical Specification

X Axis  1016 mm
Y Axis  660 mm
Z Axis  635 mm
Spindle Nose to Table (~ max) 742 mm
Spindle Nose to Table (~ min) 107 mm